Pleasure Lubricant


Pleasure lubricant is a product for wetness.



There are many reasons why people don’t want sex, including feeling tired, discomfort, pain, lack of arousal, or that it just doesn’t feel very pleasurable.

From buying the most expensive, all-singing, all-dancing sex toy to swinging from the ceiling whilst dressed as Wonder Woman, people experiment with the most bizarre treatments and devices to improve their sex lives.

Owning a sex toy company, you may be surprised that the best product we have found that customers say make sex better is lubricant. This one simple, inexpensive addition to your sex life can transform it.

Mention the word ‘lubricant’ in a sexual manner and most people think of older women experiencing vaginal dryness during the menopause (as a result of decrease in oestrogen), but sexual lubricants can benefit both men and women, whatever their age.
The myth that lubricants are only needed for “fixing” a sexual problem needs to be dispelled. Many women, young or old, suffer from vaginal dryness at some time during their life but are too embarrassed to discuss the problem or seek help.

Sadly, there seems to be an incorrect assumption through social and mainstream media that younger women do not need to use vaginal lubrication as they should always be wet, and if they aren’t, then they have a problem.

Levels of vaginal secretions vary between women and can be affected by:

● Stress, anxiety and relationship issues

● Hormonal changes due to contraception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation

● Medical conditions such as diabetes, side effects of chemotherapy, full hysterectomy or immune disorders

● Medications – contraceptive pill, anti-depressants and allergy medications

● Chemical products – washing powders, harsh soaps, feminine sprays or douches and perfumed toilet roll

● Lack of foreplay – women need more stimulation than men do


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